About me

My name is Fares Hasan and known as farisology, a seasoned data scientist and machine learning engineer with a passion for innovation and a desire to bring order to the chaos of data. I have honed my skills over the years, serving as a leader in various organizations and creating data products that have revolutionized their operations.

At Fave, I was a data scientist tasked with leading personalization and localization projects. I built a recommendation engine that improved visibility and user experience in the mobile app and EDM, resulting in a seven-fold increase in conversion. I also established a data automation process in Airflow, which saved up to 500 working hours monthly across all departments.

As a lead data scientist at Carsome, I transformed the organization into a data-driven machine. I built dealer auction personalization and recommendation engines, car plate-number masking, and a car discovery recommender, resulting in improved efficiency and increased revenue. I introduced best practices and tools such as Streamlit, FastAPI, and MLflow to streamline operations.

As a senior ML engineer at Carsome, I established the machine learning operations stack and built cross-organization standard practices. I deployed MLflow for model registry and experiment tracking and mentored data scientists to adopt model versioning and logging. I am currently building an MLOps ecosystem leveraging ZenML, Airflow, and GitOps in the AWS cloud.

With expertise in building recommendation engines, data automation, entity extraction, semantic search, and MLOps, I am the Jedi master of data products. Let us embark on a journey to bring order to your data and create new worlds of opportunities.

-- Assisted by ChadGPT, pun intended